Current Positions

StanleyVision works with multiple animation, game, immersive entertainment, technology, and visual effects companies in many locations, including Montreal, London, Los Angeles, Toronto, and Vancouver. Check out our list of current openings and contact us for more information on these awesome opportunities!





Animation Technical Supervisor
Character Supervisor
Environment Supervisor
Rough Layout Supervisor
Supervising TD
Technical Resource Manager, Feature Animation
Senior Graphics Programmer
Senior Software Engineer, Camera Capture Tools
Senior Software Engineer - Gameplay
Senior Software Engineer - Multiplayer
UI/UX Engineer
Principal Graphics Engineer
Graphics Programmer
LED & Display Specialist
Lead Full Stack Engineer
Lead Software Developer, Animation Tools
Lead Software Developer, Character Performance Tools
Lead Software Developer, Realtime Workflows
Lead Software Developer, Editorial + Playback
Lead Software Developer, Universal Scene Description
Shading TD
Houdini Lookdev TD
Nuke TD
TD, Animation
TD, Groom
TD, Rigging

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